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Happiness at work → absenteeism ↓ people leaving ↓ productivity ↑

Happiness at work is more than having a fussball table or a pingpong table or organizing a team activity. Based on scientific research, we now know which controls to adjust in order to increase the employee happiness in an organization. More happiness at work means less absenteeism, less people leaving the organization and higher productivity.

Research has shown that five building blocks are essential for happiness at work. For this, I use the acronym PCARE: Purpose, Competence, Autonomy, positive Relations and positive Emotions.




A feeling of competence indicates that someone has confidence in one's own abilities.The right balance between skills and challenges is important for a sense of competence. And being able to deploy your strengths, celebrating progress and realistic positive planning.



Autonomy is about having the decision making authority as close to the actual operations of the organization as possible. Autonomy is about the extent to which someone has the freedom to perform an activity according to one's own insight and the extent to which someone has influence and control over what he or she does.Autonomy leads to intrinsic motivation, which in turn leads to less burn out, less work stress, more work pleasure and even more profitability.

Positive relations

Having positive relations appears to be the crucial factor in determining team success. This results in a feeling of social connectedness. It also creates an environment in which people feel free to ask questions and in which they are not afraid to make mistakes.


Positive emotions

Having an optimistic attitude and a good balance between positive and negative emotions is of great influence on happiness at work. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are produced by our limbic system. This appears to be an automatic response, but by consciously triggering positive thoughts, we are able to bend this stress reaction.



Meaning is about contributing to a higher purpose. If you have the feeling that your work contributes to the higher objective of the organization, this positively influences your happiness at work. You contribute to achieving the goals that transcend yourself. The opposite is also true: tasks that you have to perform, but that do not contribute to achieving the higher objectives - at least in your perspective - are often an energy drain. 

Mind your Work - workbook for Happiness at work


Mind your step… Als je wel eens op Schiphol bent geweest, herken je vast wel de stem die je vriendelijk doch dringend wakker schudt en waarschuwt voor het einde van de loopband. Op een zelfde manier schudt Mind your Work je wakker. Het zet je brein aan het werk voor meer werkgeluk van jouzelf en je collega’s.

Aan de hand van vijf bouwstenen biedt Mind your Work een compleet overzicht van bewezen technieken om het beste uit de medewerkers en uit de organisatie te halen. 

Naast theoretische onderbouwing biedt het 35 praktische tools en oefeningen om de theorie in praktijk te brengen.

Daarmee is dit hét handboek voor iedere leidinggevende die (weer) geïnspireerd wil leidinggeven en dé gids voor medewerkers die willen investeren in hun eigen werkgeluk en dat van hun collega’s.

# pagina's: 281, paperback. Verkoopprijs: € 24,95

Mind your Work

Happiness at work by Ottention

Teamscan or organization scan: scan of the organization or team based on the building blocks and the PCARE model for happiness at work. With the outcomes of the scan, specific follow-up actions can be determined for increasing happiness at work.

Workshop / Inspiration session happiness at work: half day inspiration session (4 hours) in which we explore and further deepen our understanding of the basic elements of happiness at work. In combination with a teamscan or organization scan, this session can be specifically tailored to issues that are relevant for the team or organization.

Team trajectory / leadership trajectory: in 5 session we train the theory of happiness at work and we work on concrete solutions and changes for increasing happiness at work in the team or the organization.

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