Schaufeli: 4 factors that determine happiness at work

In an interview in NRC (see a link to the newspaper article here) professor Wilmar Schaufeli gives an overview of the factors that determine happiness at work. He claims – based on scientific research: “People get energy from their work if their job meets certain basic requirements. Such as: social connectedness (getting along with co-workers) and autonomy (making your own choices), sense of meaning / purpose (you add value) and competence (you are using your talents).

These factors also form te basis of the five building blocks that I use in my approach. The fifth building block – positive emotions – is missing in Schaufeli’s overview. Positive emotions as a building block are based on the positive psychology. Martin Seligman has done a lot of research in that area. More on Seligman and his research into happiness and happiness at work can be found here.