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√ Happiness at work as a concept is based on serious science and years of research. √ Investing in happiness at work results in less people leaving the organization, less absenteeism and higher productivity. √ The formula for happiness at work is based on five building blocks.

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Happiness at work

An overview of interesting articles about happiness at work, the science behind happiness at work and figures and a business case for investing in happiness at work.

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Happiness by Ottention

The formula for happiness at work is based on five building blocks: autonomy, competence, positive emotions, positive relations and purpose.

Autonomy is about having the decision making authority as close to the actual operations as possible. An employee should be able to take decisions about the work for which he or she is ultimately responsible.

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Who is Ottention

My name is Ivo Otten and I specialize in happiness at work. Because organizations that do well with regard to employee happiness, perform better and are more pleasant to work in.

As change manager - mainly in the non-profit sector - I have led reorganizations and mergers and I have  introduced new ways of working and I have completed an organizational transformation (including culture change).

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